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Prestige UPS (6~400kVA) Series

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The Prestige Modular UPS is an online UPS series, featured with DSP control, decentralized parallel structure and modular N+X parallel redundancy. With the touch-screen LCD display, hot swappable, programmable battery voltage, intelligent charging modes with settable charge current, Megatec/Modbus protocol, Prestige is an ideal solution to your PC, workstation, server, bank, industrial equipment, Internet data center, telecom, IT equipments and other mission-critical application, which is demanding for a thorough protection.

  • Decentralized Parallel Structure with Hot-swappable feature
  • DSP-controlled Technology
  • Modular N+X Parallel Redundancy
  • Unity Input Power Factor with Low Input Current Distortion & High Efficiency
  • Fit into standard 19” Rack Frame
  • Touch-screen LCD display for user’s friendly operation
  • High Power Density up to 200KVA per rack for space saving
  • Invest as You Grow
  • Compact in size, only 3U height
  • Superior MTBF and MTTR
  • Emergency Power Off device can be operated on site or remotely
  • Common Battery
  • Programmable Battery Voltage from 192Vdc to 240Vdc
  • Intelligent Charge Modes with smart charge current adjustment
  • Megatec/Mod Bus protocol supported
  • Powerful charger built in Modular and UPS Frame
  • Versatile communication interfaces provided for different applications
  • Matching battery modular also available