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PH Batteries

Choosing the correct standby battery can be confusing especially when there are so many different kind of batteries and applications. PowerHub has years of experiences in providing industries with backup batteries that suits your requirement. This makes us the perfect choice if you want impartial advice on which standby batteries would be best for your application.

We have been providing backup batteries for many companies so you can be assured of the correct solution and the best product, at all times. As a product and service oriented company, we trade on our reputation to make sure we give impartial correct information so our customers return and recommend us to others.

We have backup batteries or standby batteries for a variety of applications like UPS, Green Energy solutions, etc. for use in Data Centers, factories, hotels and so on. Whatever be your application, we have the perfect backup battery and charger solution you need and we’ll make sure our products will keep running for years to come.

Hence, PowerHub is able to offer the most cost effective options in backup batteries. The solution offered to you can be supply of standby batteries only or with de-installation or installation services by our team of specialist engineers.

Check out the following type of batteries that we offer below:
1. VRLA & Pure Lead
2. Lithium Polymer Batteries
3. Nickel Cadmium Batteries