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Elite UPS (6~10kVA) Series

Elite banner The Elite UPS is a Parallel Redundancy on-line series, featured with rack/tower convertible, N+X parallel redundancy, DSP-controlled technology, high input & output power factors, superior input voltage window for energy saving, estimated remaining time and ECO mode is an ideal solution to your server, bank, industrial equipment, IT equipment, communication system and other networking equipment, which is demanding for a thorough protection.

  • N+X Parallel Redundancy
  • Online Double Conversion with DSP Control
  • Graphic LCD Display with Multifunction Parameter Settings
  • Unity Input Power Factor with Low Input Current Distortion
  • High Output Power Factor at 0.9PF
  • Low Input Current Distortion
  • Green Concept design with Superior Input Voltage Window for Energy Saving
  • Support Generator Input
  • Estimated Remaining Time displayed on the LCD.
  • Support Economic(ECO) Operation Mode
  • Settable Battery Voltage
  • Movable Bypass Module
  • Temperature-controlled fan
  • Matching Battery Pack with Powerful Charger Built-in
  • Common Battery When UPS in Parallel Mode
  • Versatile Communication Interfaces Available
  • Cold Start
  • Communication Software
  • Optional Centralized monitor function
  • Settable Charge Current